Totally Fun Activities To Try With your Roommate

There’s no doubt that relationships with roommates can be a challenge sometimes. It’s never easy to share space with others, and it can be even more difficult if you don’t know each other or you’re in a brand new environment. However, if you get along with your roommate, it can be a ton of fun to live together. That’s why you should make it a priority to spend time together and find things to do that you both enjoy. You don’t have to become best friends, but trust us, life is a lot better when you and your roomie are on good terms. If you need some inspiration, read on for a few totally fun activities to try with your roommate.

What are some fun activities to try with your roommate?


Since you see each other all the time, it’s easy to fall into the habit of not making specific plans with your roommate. One great way to ensure you have a unique activity to do together on a regular schedule is by buying a mystery game box to solve together. You’ll get a box per month every 6 months full of witness reports, evidence, autopsies, and plenty of other clues. You can follow along throughout the season, playing detective and trying to find the killer. We love this idea for roommates because it’s easy to schedule a murder mystery night once a month with someone that already lives with you. Since each box only takes a few hours to complete, it’s easy to fit into your schedule.

We spend so much time with our roommates at home, but why not hang out somewhere else? A change of scenery can be nice, and you can probably come up with a long list of places in your area that you’d like to check out. Maybe your town has interesting zoo exhibits that you’ve never seen. You could make a whole day of it, starting with a fun brunch, then head to the zoo. You can even stop by your favorite bar for a nightcap on the way home. You could visit a museum or go for a hike or rent some skis and hit the slopes, the destination can be wherever you think you would have the most fun.

Another smart idea is to have a cooking night. A cooking night with your roommates can be a blast, but it has practical benefits too. You can all work together to prepare a meal, and then enjoy eating it together. You’ll all be able to get to know each other a little better, and to bond. Plus, it can save you all money on food. Use your cooking night as an opportunity to try out a new recipe or to experiment with different techniques. You may just find you all have a new favorite meal.

How can you avoid conflict with roommates?


Living with roommates has a long list of benefits, but there can be friction from time to time. Healthy communication is the most important part of having a positive experience living with a roommate. Honesty is key when it comes to communication. You all need to be truthful with each other about what you like and don’t like, what your boundaries are, and come up with some basic house rules together. This way, there will be no surprises and no one will feel like they’re being taken advantage of. If you can learn to communicate effectively, your roommate relationship will be a lot smoother.

Privacy is a key issue to be discussed when you don’t live alone. Respecting your roommate’s privacy is not only necessary for preserving their personal privacy, but also for maintaining the privacy of your shared living space. This means that you should never snoop through their belongings or read their emails, text messages, or journals. It also means that you should never share any information about your roommate with others without their permission. If you respect your roommate’s privacy, they will be more likely to trust you and feel comfortable sharing personal information with you. This can help to create a more comfortable and supportive living environment for both of you.

Living with a roommate can be amazing, but remember that you are individuals with your own needs and desires. You won’t always want to do the same things, and you may disagree about some decisions regarding your living space. Still, if you can treat each other well and learn to communicate effectively, then living with a roommate can be a ton of fun. Make an effort to bond with your roommates in unique ways, and try to get to know each other a little better whenever you have a chance. If you have a general list of rules and expectations for your shared space, respect everyone’s privacy, and know how to have fun with each other, you’ll likely to have a fantastic roommate experience.