Careers for People Who Love Crunching Numbers

You’re a numbers person. You love math, finances, and everything in between. If you fit this description, you might jump into any career available. Before doing so, it’s worthwhile to consider some of these different career paths. Here is a list of common and uncommon careers for people who love working with numbers.

Data Scientist

First up on the list of careers is a data scientist. As a data scientist, you combine many disciplines that involve numbers. These include statistics and computer science. A typical day for a data scientist includes receiving large amounts of numerical data to analyze. To put it simply, as a data scientist you’re an analytical expert designed to help businesses figure out a solution to any problems they have.

To analyze this data, you should be familiar with programming languages like python. The python programming language allows you to take these large amounts of data and efficiently process it to create a streamlined set. A specific tool to utilize is NumPy. NumPy is a python library. Functions like NumPy reshape are great tools for anyone analyzing data. This function can take an array of numerical data and rearrange it without compromising the data to create a new array. This is helpful for data scientists who are continuously working on ways to configure numerical data.


Up next on the list of suitable careers is an investor. As an investor, you put capital toward a company or prospect of any kind. After investing, you have the potential to receive more returns on your investment. An investor isn’t a common career for many from the get-go because you have to have available funds to spend at the outset. However, if you love crunching numbers and following the ever-changing markets, investing has become much easier for the everyday person. Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have taken over today’s world.

If this interests you, you should start day trading bitcoin. You can download the popular app Coinbase to begin. Coinbase allows you to convert the money in your bank account to digital currency, which is used to purchase your share of bitcoin cash. Since bitcoin is traded all day every day, the market can fluctuate frequently. This is where your love for numbers comes in because you can analyze previous trends to predict future trends to maximize your profits. For more details on specific trading strategies, use this breakdown.


Another career option to consider is engineering. What’s appealing about this career is the options within the field. Engineers work in a variety of disciplines. As an engineer, you will inevitably work with numbers or data in some form. The broadest degree is mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineers work with different machines and systems. Another common type is aerospace engineering, which involves the study of air and space travel. If the medical field interests you, there is also biomedical engineering. Biomedical engineering uses principles of design to improve current medical technologies.

If none of these seem like a good fit, you’re in luck because there are 40 different types of degrees within this field. There is something for everyone in Engineering.


Loving numbers is a valued gift. Accountants help people who aren’t good at crunching numbers manage their finances. This work is done for individuals or businesses. This might be a good career for you if you are detail-oriented and have great math skills. Other than financial reports, you have the potential to do tax returns, help businesses run effectively, and come up with plans to reduce financial costs and risks,

By now, you’ve been able to see the diversity available in the job market for math and science lovers like you. Take the time to think about what you enjoy, and then move forward with exploring this variety of number-crunching jobs. With a little bit of time and thought, you’ll be able to find the ideal fit for your career goals.