Low-Investment Business Ideas You Can Start This Year

Many people dream of owning their own business. Over 600,000 new small businesses open their doors in the United States each year.

There are many reasons to consider starting your own company. You will have a chance to be your own boss and set the policies for your business. Entrepreneurs also account for a large percentage of the wealthiest individuals. In some countries, 80% of millionaires who work are self-employed.

You do not need to be wealthy to launch a business. These are some business options you can consider that can be started affordably.

Open a Franchise

Check out The UPS Store franchise opportunities near me to learn about becoming a franchise owner. Running a franchise has a lot of benefits. You will have an established name to work with. You also do not need to worry about sourcing products and determining which services to offer because franchises follow a set business model with standard products and services.

One of the advantages of starting a UPS Store franchise is the support system in place for franchise owners. You will be part of a network of professional franchisees who operate the same type of business and who have experience dealing with the challenges business owners face. The UPS Store also offers a range of franchise opportunities. You can select an option that meets your needs and goals.

Start a Call Center


You can offer businesses an affordable remote call center solution to meet their customer service needs. Customized software from Bright Pattern enables calls to be forwarded to your contact center. Your remote agents can process orders, provide technical support and address customer concerns. Call center software enables staff to communicate via the client’s preferred method. They can address phone calls, faxes, emails and text messages. Artificial intelligence is used to process communications as efficiently as possible and direct clients to the staff most qualified to handle their needs. This will ensure your call center handles all queries promptly and effectively, which will promote high levels of customer satisfaction for your clients.

A virtual call center can be run out of your basement, a spare room or a low-cost facility. With internet access, electricity and the appropriate tools and software, you can start off small and build your call center as your business profits.

Professional Services


Take advantage of your unique skills to offer professional services directly to clients. You can set your own schedule and be your own boss. You may also be able to prioritize remote work for you and your team members. This can enable you to start profiting without assuming high startup costs.

There are several types of services you can offer clients. You can take advantage of a background in accounting or bookkeeping and offer bookkeeping services directly to clients. Bookkeepers update records with incoming funds and outgoing payments. Their duties involve producing financial reports. They may even complete payroll to ensure staff are paid. You may work for small businesses or for individuals who are self-employed but do not wish to handle their own bookkeeping.

Social media managers are an integral part of a company’s public relations and marketing team. They are responsible for creating content that is posted on social media and distributing that content. They also use the company’s online presence to increase followers and generate traffic for company websites. Social media managers can play a key role in boosting sales and raising a company’s profile. They may also manage complaints and public relations issues to minimize damage to the company’s brand. Self-employed individuals, celebrities, small business owners and large companies may all contract social media managers to handle their online presence. This enables them to focus on their duties while a professional develops and implements a social media marketing strategy.

Virtual medical services became an essential part of healthcare during the coronavirus lockdown that affected most of the world in the spring of 2020. Maintaining virtual medical services may be necessary in the future due to the possibility of future waves of infection from contagious, deadly viruses. Virtual medical services also enable medical professionals to provide care for individuals who live in remote areas. You can create a customized virtual medical team that includes medical doctors, physical therapists, speech pathologists, audiologists, counselors and other healthcare experts who are trained to assess patients remotely via phone or video. This is an affordable way of providing healthcare services to a larger number of patients.