Can You Earn an ACLS Online?

ACLS certification, also known as advanced cardiovascular life support certification, is an important skill to have if you’re in the nursing field. ACLS is so crucial, in part, because of the severity and seriousness of cardiac issues, and the likelihood that nurses will confront these problems in their line of work. 

With Americans facing an increase of heart conditions and struggling to meet the American Heart Association’s physical activity recommendations, chances are getting higher each year that you will need to treat patients with certain heart problems as a nurse. While these sorts of certifications are important, medical providers across the country know how hard it is to find time for such training programs. Many nurses and doctors rightfully wonder if it’s possible to earn your ACLS certification online. Here’s what you need to know about pursuing your certification from an online website like eMedCert.

Although the ACLS involves building practical skills in both intubation and using intravenous drugs, much of the information in the ACLS can be learned online. As such, it’s an ideal course to take for busy paramedics, nurses, and doctors, especially since it assumes that you already have an understanding of patient anatomy and physiology, as well as how to read and understand ECGs. It’s important to note that even if you are taking the bulk of your coursework online in order to better accommodate your schedule, a practical examination is required before you can receive ACLS certification. That being said, taking the ACLS online is still an incredibly flexible option, since the exam itself generally only lasts about one hour.

While ACLS certification does involve a prior understanding of airway management, life support, and how to recognize cardiac arrest, there are plenty of other skills to build while taking courses in ACLS. Once completed, you’ll be able to manage both coronary syndromes and strokes. 

You’ll also be confident enough to lead or participate in a resuscitation team and manage airways even better. After completing ACLS training, you’ll also be able to better manage instances of cardiac and respiratory distress. You’ll also gain knowledge regarding how pharmacology for cardiac and pulmonary conditions can help patients facing these types of illnesses. All of these skills combine to better prepare you for facing these critical emergencies and keep you on the cutting edge of cardiac health and medicine.

With a website like eMedCert, you can also recertify your ACLS certification completely online. This can be done at any hour of any day. You also have the flexibility to recertify with your preferred device, whether that’s a tablet, desktop computer, laptop, or even a mobile phone. This adds to the convenience of pursuing your ACLS certification online since it allows you to get your certification anywhere and at any time. When it comes to recertification, online courses from eMedCert are broken down from the eighty pages of interactive training you’d receive in the classroom. You can complete these courses across fourteen modules, each with their own self-assessment quizzes, at your own speed. You can also take your recertification exam immediately, should you feel that you’ll be able to pass the exam right away.

Patients are seeking skilled nursing in Woodstown, NJ and across the United States. Part of providing top-notch care in the medical field comes down to having the proper skills and knowledge to serve patients well. Earning the ACLS is one way to keep growing and learning as a nurse so that you can better care for the patients you come in contact with in your hospital or medical practice. While finding time for a new training regimen can be difficult, the ACLS is one certification that can be done online with a skills assessment. With a website like eMedCert, you’ll be able to get the training you need on your time, allowing you to make the most of your healthcare practice.