3 Vitamins and Minerals That Help Strengthen Teeth

A successful supplement line provides the proven nutritional support people look for as they strive for optimal health. We’ve never been more aware of the need for good dental health, and while that starts with regular visits to the orthodontist, certain vitamins and minerals are also crucial in giving teeth the strength they need to fight back against acid erosion from what we eat and drink. The following are three vitamins and minerals essential for strong teeth.


Of all the minerals in our bodies, calcium is the most abundant; and 99 percent of that calcium is stored in our bones and teeth. Calcium is part of the very structure of our teeth, but that’s not all. Calcium phosphate is also a key component in the enamel that protects teeth and makes them strong, and it’s that very calcium phosphate that enables enamel to rebuild itself if damaged.

Where to find it

The best natural source of calcium is dairy products like yogurt, milk, and cheese, but that presents a problem for many people. Those who are lactose intolerant or vegan can’t eat dairy at all. Dieters also often prefer to avoid dairy or severely limit intake because of the high caloric content. 

These issues are why some turn to a trusted supplement manufacturer to add calcium to their diets. Since calcium is arguably the best-known tooth-strengthening mineral, getting it through supplements is often a good alternative. That’s why having calcium in your product line is a good idea.


Phosphorus is another key mineral for tooth health. While our bodies don’t have as much phosphorus as calcium, it’s still critical, and 85 percent of our phosphorus lives in our teeth and bones. Phosphorus is just as important as calcium for tooth health, but it often gets ignored in favor of the more well-known calcium.

Where to find it

Phosphorus is found in protein-rich foods like red meat, poultry, eggs, and seafood. In fact, among the general population, there aren’t many people who struggle with a phosphorus deficiency.  However, there are some who will need it in supplement form. 

Those on a vegan diet aren’t eating many phosphorus-rich foods. Diabetics with poorly controlled blood sugar will also struggle to get enough of this key mineral, as will anyone recovering from alcoholism. For these people, a tooth-strengthening supplement containing phosphorus could make all the difference. 

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is crucial to the health of our teeth in two key ways. First, without this vitamin, we can’t absorb minerals like phosphorus and calcium. Second, vitamin D is crucial to a healthy immune system, which allows our bodies to effectively fight oral bacteria and inflammation that can harm our gums. 

Where to find it

The best vitamin D comes from getting at least 30 minutes of sun exposure per day. Unfortunately, that same sun exposure puts us at risk of skin cancer and causes our skin to age prematurely. 

The only dietary sources of this vitamin are fatty fish, organ meats, and dairy. Again, this makes it hard for vegans and vegetarians to get enough, and there are even more complications. Many people dislike organ meats, and the only dairy that actually has vitamin D comes from pasture-raised animals, which not everyone can find (or afford). Thus, any quality tooth-strengthening supplement can benefit from added vitamin D.

Making the best supplement design

Before you send a final design to your supplement manufacturer, get some professional input by talking with your orthodontist in Encino when you go in for a checkup. A local orthodontist can help you understand what dental issues are particularly important among your local customer base. Armed with that information, you can be sure your supplement will be one customers need (and want) to buy.