6 Quick Tips for Traveling With Your Pup

We all could use a getaway after this year. There are safe options for a quick fix trip, but we can’t help but think long-term to when we can maybe take that grand vacation we had planned but had to scrap because of the pandemic.

Of course, not only do you have to work out the logistics of where and when but what about your four-legged friend? If your dog is joining you on your getaway, you may want to start getting an idea of what it takes to pack up your pup and hit the road.


Pick A Pet-Friendly Spot

When deciding where to take your next trek, be sure that your pup is welcome along for the ride. There are great options available for pet owners to take their little pal along, but be sure to check websites or reach out to venues to make sure that dogs are welcome, and even in some places, encouraged.

Travel blogs, like SomeOverdueHoliday.com, will not only provide unique locales to take a trip to but they will also provide the heads up on how environments and some venues welcome your furry best friend.

It is very important to also factor in the distance when you determine where it is you’re heading. If it’s a long drive away, you may want to build up your pup’s tolerance for the length of stay in the car. Try a series of short drives at first, then build up the time gradually. Be sure to also work out a schedule around your dog for rest stops to relieve themselves, as well as to get a bite to eat. Don’t feed your dog in a moving car — no matter the length of the drive — as the motions may upset their stomach and lead to a mess that no one wants to clean up.

Comfortable Collars

When you are taking your dog on a journey, their comfort needs to be of the utmost concern. Beyond them being able to adapt to the setting of a long-drive or being placed in the appropriate sized container for flight, if your pooch feels at ease, you’ll be at ease.

It’s important for when you take your dog out on treks to your destination that they are also protected with a proper dog’s collar. Custom dog collars are designed to assure the right fit for your pooch, preventing them from struggling to shake loose from the collar or leash.

Dog collars made with heavy-duty nylon webbing and a contoured buckle provide far more comfort than the standard collar that you could find at some five-and-dime. These custom dog collars also feature a virtually unbreakable metal D-ring to keep a leash steady. These collars also feature custom engraving to include your pal’s name and your phone number in the event of an emergency. Custom pet collars are also available with a reflective strip to provide extra visibility in low-light situations.


Create A Pet Traveling Kit

Just like you would pack your luggage with everyone you need, and things you may feel as though you need, do the same for your furry friend.

Your pet’s traveling kit should feature collapsible travel bowls for food and water. Beyond their usual kibble and some treats, bring bottled water with you as tap water in some areas could cause your pup to have some tummy trouble. If your dog is on any kind of medication, make sure you have their designated dosage for your length of stay, but also some additional pills just in case you have some hiccups in return travel.

Depending on the climate of where you’re traveling to, don’t be afraid to pack your pet a coat like you would for yourself. Keep their toys, blanket, and bed at the ready to make your dog feel as those they are in the right place comfort-wise.

Be sure to also bring plenty of potty pads if your dog is not properly acclimated to their settings, and may not be on their usual bathroom regimen.

Make Sure You’re Comfortable

Traveling is already a task, so it’s important that your wardrobe makes you feel better situated no matter the length of the journey. If you need to keep your dog active, it is important that you also have some activewear for whenever or wherever things may go.

Womens jeggings are form-fitting to curves, and a pair of jeggings will allow you to feel relaxed, and ready if you need to take your four-legged pal on a walk without causing pain in your thighs or legs brought on by material that can chaff.

For men, the right pair of blue jeans will do the trick or some athletic pants or shorts that will allow them to adjust and get situated. Don’t feel like a long trek means that your attire has to be intended for some five-star location. Focus on getting to your destination in comfort.

Plus, in the event that your dog has some kind of accident, it is not nearly as damaging to that kind of clothing.


Give Your Pooch The Window Seat

Whether you are traveling by car, plane, or bus, if you are in a setting where a window seat is available or you’re using it, let your dog enjoy it too.

This actually helps dogs, much like humans, to deal with motion sickness. Looking out the window keeps a pup occupied. Pets, like people, are less likely to get carsick when they can watch the passing scenery.

If you are on a plane, make sure that the flight crew is okay with you removing the dog from their crate beneath your seat. If you’re in a car, don’t hesitate to open the window just a bit so they can get some fresh air to also fight motion sickness.

Beyond the window seat, you can ensure an extra layer of security for your pooch by having them in the front seat with you. However, if they are upfront with you, make sure they have a dog harness or proper fitting personalized dog collar. Some doggy parents invest in small kennels that buckle into car seats.

Check The Apps

Much like when you’re researching restaurants, bars, hotels, and more for your vacation destination, there are now apps and resources available that make sure that your pup can come along for the meal.

Location-based apps like BarkHappy help dog owners to find dog parks or even find a nearby cafe that doesn’t mind if your four-legged friend joins you for coffee.

There are also apps designed to help your fur baby in the event of an emergency. Pet FirstAid and other downloadable programs are filled with information that will help you with medical situations that may suddenly spring up. These apps including guidelines on canine first aid, general health issues, as well as demonstration videos, such as administering CPR to your dog.

Also, vacation is all about giving yourself a break. You may want to head somewhere that your pet is not welcome. In this case, you could look into dog-walking apps that may be able to have someone take care of your pooch for a little while, so you can enjoy a venue knowing that they aren’t left alone.