6 Adventurous Hobbies to Look Into

Covid-19 has forced us into isolation and away from many of the fun activities that get our blood pumping every day. It has made for a home-work environment that may create additional stress and test our limits of patience and dedication. But Covid-19 doesn’t have to sap you of many of the passions you have outside of work and downtime.

In fact, many adventurous activities that Americans participate in every day can be done in close proximity to friends, or at a distance or alone. Best of all, most of these don’t require a high skill level in order to really feel the rush, so beginners are always welcome.


Scuba diving is meant to be a team exercise, because you are descending tens of yards below the water level, it can be dangerous to go it alone for all but the most experienced professionals—who themselves buddy up on dives. However, this doesn’t mean that the ocean is off-limits.

With a little gear in the form of a wetsuit, mask and snorkel set, and fins, anyone can swim out to explore the marine life just off the beachline. Snorkeling is a fun and exciting way to get some exercise while searching for the most elusive undersea critters in your backyard. Many beach snorkelers frequently encounter schools of fish or pods of dolphins within earshot of the shore.


Skeet or target shooting is always an exhilarating time out. Owning your own firearms can be a real treat because it gives you the full shooting experience from cleaning and maintenance to the range and back. It also can act as a great teacher of responsibility. Shotguns, shells, and other ammo, rifles, and rifle cases are often on sale at a variety of local outlets, so there really is no excuse not to try it out with a loaner from your nearby range and dive in if the rush of blasting targets and clay pigeons is for you.


Returning to the water, if swimming isn’t your strongest event but you live for the sun and salt then taking a few stand-up paddle boarding lessons may be the right new hobby for you. These activities put you right on the water while giving you the freedom to stay atop a floating object. This means you can take breaks at your own leisure and bring along water and snacks to keep you going. You might even consider trying to surf if water sports are your thing!


Hiking is one of the best outdoor activities around. It only takes a few accessories that you probably already have lying around the house to outfit a proper hiking kit and you’re off. There are tens of thousands of hiking trails all around the United States, so finding one nearby shouldn’t be a difficult proposition.


If hiking suits you, then a great way to take full advantage of the new hobby is to add camping to your repertoire. Camping is a fun way to get closer to your family because you will often find yourself out of cell range, and certainly without the comfort of on-demand charging. That means talking. It’s a great way to really expand the bond between you and the most significant people in your life.


This may sound like a silly addition, but the fictional worlds of literature may give you the escape you are so desperately seeking for an hour or two each day. And the best part, you can be transported to worlds of dragons and heroes, outer space, or the halls of government from the comfort of your couch. If nothing else is hitting the spot, try cracking open a book, you might be surprised at the adventure you find waiting for you.