4 Stress Management Ideas for HBS Applicants

Applying for business school is no easy task. There is a lot of pressure to make an impressive first impression, compile a great application, and interview well for each MBA program. There’s a lot to review as an MBA applicant, and you want to be sure you’re keeping up with everything in the best way. This pressure only mounts when you’re applying to some of the top business schools in the world.

Harvard Business School (HBS) has an outstanding reputation for churning out some of the greatest business minds over the years. Applying for this program shows you are serious about your future in the business field and plan to make a dramatic impact. As an HBS applicant, you’ll need as many insights and as much help as you can get to make your application as pristine and unique as possible. You want to stand out to the admissions committee and prove to them that you belong at Harvard. Going through this process may cause a little (or a lot) of stress for you. Remember that work-life balance is important as well. Here are a few tips to help you manage stress while you’re applying for Harvard Business School.

1. Set yourself up for success with application counseling.

No one should have to do hard tasks alone. Especially if you are a first-time business school applicant, you can definitely use help from trained professionals. One of the first ways to manage your stress is to share it. Hire an MBA admissions consultant who will be with you every step of the way to help you with your admissions needs. An HBS admissions consultant knows that school inside and out. They’ve been there for years of success stories, and they know exactly what the admissions committee is looking for. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by all the tasks you need to accomplish and everything you need to handle, they can help you with the structure and schedule to focus on putting your best foot forward.

Admissions counselors aren’t just there to offer you advice and go on their way. They can work with you on practical tools and skills for every step of your application journey. This can help you lower stress because you have a teammate with you to help lighten the load. They will encourage you, but they can also offer editing help for your personal statement, make a template for your letters of recommendation, and practice mock interviews specific to Harvard’s program. The right counselor has experience getting people into top MBA programs. Trust them and feel at ease that you have the best course of action to get into your dream school.

2. Create a strict schedule to stick to.

Deadlines are important in the business world, so they are important for your admissions process as well. When you’re applying for HBS, the last thing you want is to get disqualified or ignored because of a technicality. Take the schedule and deadlines seriously. This is also going to take some willpower and organization on your part. The application process can take months or even a year. Start by setting up a schedule for yourself of your deadlines. You want your personal statement is done by this day, request transcripts by another, and give your recommenders a due date that is ahead of schedule. It’s easy to feel stressed when you have a lot on your plate and no plan for how to get it all done. Instead, make a schedule and plan out exactly how you are going to succeed with your application.

3. Don’t forget about your general healthcare – sleep, diet, exercise, etc.

Many people will be applying for business school as they work a full-time job or are still in their undergraduate program. If this applies to you, you will have so much on your plate outside of just your application. You’re trying to work, study, apply, have a social life, and stay healthy. That health part may eventually fall by the wayside, but you must continue to prioritize your self-care. As much as you can, continue to eat right and get in some daily exercise. Even if it’s a walk around the block, that can make a big difference.

Sleep is also an important piece of your stress-relief plan. Invest in a Serta mattress that will give you a peaceful night’s rest each evening. Where you lay your head matters, and you want it to feel like a comfortable place actually to relax. Get an affordable mattress that can help you rest your body and mind at night.

4. Rely on your support system for help.

“A problem shared is a problem halved.” When you are going through a stressful time, rely on the people around you for support. Your family, friends, and social circles are there to help you put in the best application you can. Lean into your support system. Volunteer for Cokesbury VBS, join that intramural sports team, and schedule nights out with your friends. This may seem like an indulgence, but it can help relieve stress and bring you genuine joy.