Why an MBA Can Open Up Career Options

America is the land of opportunity, and education is the key to unlocking most of the doors to that opportunity. There are indeed plenty of rewarding, high-paying jobs in the United States that don’t require a college degree, but even those require some learning.

Even with the abundance of opportunities in America, MBAs remain one of the most prestigious and sought-after degrees in the U.S. In fact, over 60% of the graduate degrees awarded are MBAs. If you want to get to the big money in America, at some point, you’re going to have to cross Wall Street to get there, and MBA programs are the best preparation for that quest. You’ll learn skills that will make you marketable, invaluable to the right company, and ready for entrepreneurship. The point is that whether you want to become a stock or real estate broker or launch a small business and turn it into a large corporation, there are no shortcuts to success, but an MBA will make your journey shorter. Continue reading to learn why graduating from business school can open a world of opportunities for you.

You have to be an excellent student to get into a top business school.


There are over 200,000 MBA students, and there are many more applicants than there are actual students. The process of getting into business school is more arduous and selective than the application process for undergraduate schools. That means your preparation for MBA programs starts the moment you begin your pursuit of higher education.

Once you begin nearing your undergraduate degree, it’s time to start seriously considering which schools you would like to attend and begin filling out applications to the top programs on your business school wishlist. If you want to increase your chances of admission, you should consider hiring an admissions consultant to help you navigate the application process. You may feel like you have it in the bag on your own, and maybe you do, but applying to MBA programs is much different from applying to undergraduate school. You’re competing with thousands of other MBA applicants for the opportunity to advance to the next level of your business training.

If you’re really serious about maximizing your potential in an MBA program, you should contact Stratus Admission for a free MBA consultation with one of their admissions specialists. Stratus has years of experience helping MBA applicants get into the top programs of their choice, and they can help you achieve your academic goals as well.

The great thing about the competition being so stiff for getting into top MBA programs is that it prepares you for what the business world is like in real life. The MBA application process is merely the beginning of a long career of competing ahead of you, whether it be for job openings or you launch your own startup, in which case, you’ll be battling for new customers. So, are you ready to rumble Wall Street style?

Ecommerce is steadily growing and eCommerce companies need eCommerce business consultants.


One of the great things about the inception of eCommerce is that it opened the floodgates of opportunity for anyone with a business idea to launch their own business, even on a shoestring budget. Even though eCommerce leveled the playing field for entrepreneurs of lesser means to launch startups and small business owners to attract new customers, the world of online business plays by its own set of rules.

Launching an eCommerce business is one thing, but getting it to flourish is something altogether different. Because there are so many people with no background in finances and business launching eCommerce companies, you can expect the demand for eCommerce business consultants to continue to grow exponentially.

The great thing about launching your own consulting agency is that there’s low overhead cost and limitless potential for revenue. You could even use your MBA to get a CPA license and provide eCommerce CPA solutions as well as business accounting.

Fully Accountable is the gold standard when it comes to providing CPA solutions for online businesses and a prime example of what kind of consulting firm you can build with the skills you learn and develop in business school. As long as there are people with great business ideas and little business literacy, business consultants will always be in high demand.

Business school will teach you how to develop and implement strategies for setting and reaching company objectives.


One of the most important skills you gain in business school is how to apply your natural leadership and critical thinking skill to business problems and strategies. For instance, setting goals that reflect a company’s mission, objectives, and potential is a skill that doesn’t come naturally to most people.

However, by working with tools like objectives and key results software (OKR), you’ll be able to set goals based on data analytics that give you valuable insights into the company’s strengths, weaknesses, and productivity. You could even take OKR coach certification and make a living by teaching business owners and marketers how they can use OKRs to enhance their goal setting and productivity.

Whether you want to launch your own startup, become a stockbroker, management consultant, or real estate broker, getting as much education as possible is critical to your success. As you can see, the volume of career options a master’s degree in business opens to you is only limited by your imagination.