What Can You Do With a Health & Wellness Degree

The health industry is one of the most in-demand professional services in the United States. A lot of students have to worry about what they’re going to do with their degree after graduation. The time spent and money borrowed to get a degree are only worth it if you can recoup your investment.

If you have a degree in health and fitness, then there are plenty of career paths you can follow. The key is to chart a course and stick to it. Continue reading to learn some of the many ways your Health and Fitness degree can be your gateway to a long and prosperous career.

Corporate Wellness Coordinator

Recently, corporate America has become more concerned with the health of its workforce. They’ve realized that their employees’ fitness plays an integral role in their performance and longevity on the job. Because of the seismic shift in health consciousness in the workplace, wellness coordinators are in high demand.

As a wellness coordinator for a corporation, your job will be to motivate other employees to live a healthy lifestyle. As part of your duties, you may host staff meetings or corporate seminars that focus on promoting wellness. You may even direct daily stretches or exercises for team members before they begin their shift.

Being a wellness coordinator for a corporation also provides an excellent networking opportunity. The office is a great place to pick up clients for private services.

Personal Trainer

Freelancing allows you the freedom to set your own schedule, the prices for your services, and you get to choose your clients. As an independent member of the fitness community, you can become “The” fitness guru in your area. Many personal trainers go on to become trainers to the stars or even celebrities in their own right.

If you choose to go the route of becoming a personal trainer, then you have to make marketing yourself and your services your number one priority. You can find fitness industry marketing materials on websites like thecodyallen.com that will teach you how to promote your fitness brand.

It’s essential that you master the art of promoting in order to grow your personal training business. Just like being a fitness instructor, marketing is a skill that you have to learn.

Gym Teacher

With a bachelor’s degree in health, you can become a gym teacher at an elementary, middle, or high school. As health consciousness grows in the United States, experts are focusing more on the importance of promoting fitness and wellness in youth.

Gym teachers instruct children of all ages on how to stay active and take care of their bodies. You will probably need your CPR certification, but you can get your CPR Cert online in a little over an hour. Getting your certification online is much quicker than attending a physical class, and it’s cheaper too.

Wellness Coach

One occupation that is growing within the field of health and wellness is that of a wellness coach. Wellness coaches bring a more holistic approach to fitness than a traditional trainer.

The main goal of wellness coaches is to motivate their clients to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The job of any coach is to bring out the best in those they instruct by any means necessary. This could include making changes to their clients’ diets, exercise habits, and even offering career direction.

Getting a degree in health and wellness was one of the best choices you’ll ever make in your life. As you can see, there is a plethora of career opportunities as well as many favorable prospects for entrepreneurship. You’ve done the training to get the expertise—now go out and put it to good use.