Tips for Killin’ It in College Socially and Academically

Statistics from Collegestats shows that 2.3 million students graduate from colleges every year. This means more students value higher education as a gateway to the job market. The key to a fulfilling college experience is balancing activities. There are loads of activities apart from academics and to be an all-round student, you have to allocate time for each.

Being in college presents you with an opportunity to live the life you want—and for you to emerge successful socially and academically, here are some tips to point you in the right direction.

Get to know yourself.

In college, incidences where you discover more about yourself, are in abundance. The process of knowing yourself is neither straightforward nor mapped. It will take some time and happens as you grow in your college years.

Discovering yourself is important especially in academics. Being a brilliant student in high school will not automatically be the same in college. You will encounter stiff competition from some of the best students from all walks of the world.

As your strengths and weakness become clear in academics, set clear and achievable goals to improve your weak areas while capitalizing in your strong suits.

Choose your friends wisely!


College tidings bring with it all sorts of people—good and bad. The ability to discern the character of a person before befriending them comes in handy. It’s imperative that you choose friends who have the same priorities and morals as you.

Select friends that you share the same ideas on a philosophical level. Be friends with people who understand your character and don’t judge you based on your personal information. Your friends should motivate you to work harder and help you unwind during overwhelming and stressful times.

Avoid distractions.


With access to unlimited freedom, falling into distractions happens more than often. Distractions come in many forms, especially when you are on a time crunch trying to finish an assignment before the submission date.

While distractions may be appealing, your academic performance should be prioritized. You have limited time to finish your assignments and revise them before officially hitting “submit.’ Before you do, pass your essays through a character counter to ensure you’re meeting your professor’s requirements.

Reward Yourself for The Wins

Appreciate yourself regularly for all achievements you attain. Take time once in a while, slow down and relish how far you have come. Treating yourself for attaining an academic milestone will inspire you to work even harder. You could reward yourself in many ways, including:

  • Buying yourself that dress or the silk off the shoulder top you saw on a Facebook post
  • Getting that long sleeve shirt from the new arrivals section you’ve been eyeing for a while
  • Going to check out a new movie
  • Going out for a party with friends
  • ·Treating yourself with your favorite meal or snack

Avoid stress

Being a student is challenging, however, allowing it to stress you out is opening a door to serious mental issues like depression and anxiety. Depression will affect your normal functioning and over 40 percent of students confirm this statement.

Don’t let the pressure to succeed from your peers and family get to you. Stress will kill your productivity and focus if you let it. You should design a system to handle stress effectively, so it doesn’t affect your daily routine. Some useful stress-management tips include:

  • Getting enough rest
  • Prior organization of your activities
  • Time management
  • Regular exercises
  • Working smart instead of hard.

Balancing your social life and your studies doesn’t have to be complicated. If you implement these simple tips into your college routine, be rest assured of reaping the fruits of success during your tenure in college.