The 2021 Valentine’s Gift Guide

With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s time to start thinking about what you might be interested in getting your significant other for this romantic holiday. Of course, with COVID-19 still causing issues across the world, you may have to get a bit more creative this year since Valentine’s Day 2021 is likely going to look much different than in past years. That being said, just because the coronavirus is crashing your holiday doesn’t mean that you can’t still surprise your girlfriend with a gift. In fact, some might argue that the presence of a global pandemic makes this upcoming day even more important for you and your valentine.

Research shows that the best gifts aren’t always the most ostentatious or expensive. In fact, experiential gifts can be far more meaningful and memorable than the sorts of things you can buy in stores, making COVID-19 a welcome challenge to find a thoughtful gift instead of just choosing the “romantic gift” you’ve seen on television that isn’t a great gift for your partner despite its price and supposed desirability. If you’re struggling to think outside the box this Valentine’s Day season, read on for a few gift ideas that go against the status quo.

Go the extra mile with a Valentine’s Day plant.

While flowers are a perennial favorite on Valentine’s Day, have you ever considered giving your partner plants for Valentine’s Day instead? One of the biggest drawbacks of purchasing flowers for your valentine is the fact that, although they look great while in bloom, they quickly die shortly after the special moment. Rather than getting a bouquet for your partner, consider a Valentine plant instead.

A potted plant can be just as personable and romantic as any bouquet of flowers; however, with the right care, a houseplant can survive until the next time you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart, too. From orchids to lavender, a plant says so much more than your typical bouquet of roses and is the perfect way to symbolize your love for each other. Just as humans need to work on nurturing their relationship together, houseplants, too, need to be cared for as well. As a metaphor and sentimental gift, Valentine’s plant will remind your partner of your love for them on a daily basis.

Create a meaningful puzzle to work on together.

As was mentioned earlier, sometimes the best gift to give your partner is something experiential. That being said, it can be hard to plan a romantic surprise to your favorite place if it’s currently shut down due to the pandemic. Even so, there are still ways to create a special gift for your Valentine if you get a little creative. A lot of people have been spending time indoors working on puzzles while quarantining, so why not make a special puzzle to work on together? Puzzles are a good way to spend a lot of time together, and you can even personalize your puzzle with a photo of you and your best friend. If you really want to get creative, write a love note, and keep the message a mystery until your partner solves the puzzle. They’re sure to think it’s a big deal that you’re showing your affection for them this way!

Commemorate the special occasion by recreating your first date.

One fun choice to make if you’re looking for a new idea when it comes to Valentine’s Day is recreating your first date. If that means a trip to the movies and dinner, consider ordering carry out from the restaurant instead of dining in and checking out the film you saw on Netflix, Hulu, or HBOMax. You can even take things up a notch by lighting a candle and supporting a local florist by purchasing a centerpiece to spruce up your dinner table. This sort of experience is going to be much more memorable and thoughtful than the typical choice of a piece of jewelry like a tennis bracelet, earrings, or a necklace. Best of all, recreating your first date is a great way to go about supporting your local community during what is sure to be a challenging time for them all, so you’re helping your neighborhood even as you’re giving a thoughtful gift to your partner.

If your partner eschews romantic gifts, offer them a truly unique gift instead.

It’s worth noting that some people aren’t the type to go for romantic gifts like red flowers, a champagne picnic at sunset, or a staycation complete with candles and rose petals on your bed and pillows. That’s totally okay! After all, everybody has their own unique taste, and not everyone feels butterflies in their stomach when they get a bracelet with a romantic inscription or even see a dozen stems of roses. Rather than throwing shade on your partner, avoid the romance and schmaltz and find something truly off-the-wall to commemorate your Valentine’s holiday season instead.

Perhaps no gift is as perplexing and off the beaten path as the gift of a potato. While it sounds like a prank, there are actually services that will send personalized potatoes through the mail. Companies like Potato Parcel will even customize your potato with a handwritten message or print an image on the potato. Instead of a sappy card for Valentine’s Day, why not give the most unique gift imaginable and share a photo from one of your past anniversaries on a potato addressed to your loved one instead? Your partner is sure to have a laugh when they receive your gift in the mail!

As you can see, there are plenty of different ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day without having to rely on jewelry or roses in order to tell your partner what they mean to you. While any gift guide for 2021 has a lot to contend with, hopefully, the above ideas give you some useful perspective when it comes to finding a memorable gift to share with your special someone this coming Valentine’s Day.