Great First Date Ideas That Aren’t Dinner and a Movie

First dates are exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. The thrill of spending quality time one-on-one with someone special can often add pressure to planning a memorable date. Most people will experience multiple first dates which means there is a chance for repeating a pattern, like a dinner and a movie or going out for drinks. There’s nothing wrong with taking a tried and true classic approach to dates, but face it – doing something unexpected and unique is far more memorable. Break from the norm with these great first date ideas that aren’t dinner and a movie. 

Competitive Fun 

A first date is a great chance to get nostalgic and relive childhood. Have some competitive fun with low-key, engaging activities. Go to a board game cafe or have a night in with playing classic games. For some fun cardio head over to a trampoline park and spend time jumping around doing impressive aerial stunts. Never underestimate the fun of cheering each other on in a round of miniature golf or a game of bowling. Scavenger hunts eliminate the fear of awkward silence by engaging each other’s inner detective while being fun. 

A Night of Culture

Get adventurous and hop in the car to go explore a nearby city. Street fairs are full of homegrown entertainment and show the true spirit of a community. Head to a local venue and check out a new band. Music sets the mood and gets people to loosen up and dance. Go to a karaoke bar to show off some singing skills. Even if neither person can carry a tune, it’s still fun to try. 

If there is a shared interest in art, go explore an exhibition. Many cities have monthly gallery openings that are free and feature drinks and snacks while showcasing new installations from local artists. Spend a few hours taking in art and talking about it. 

An upscale alternative to checking out a live band is a classy night out at the opera or orchestra. Sharing an appreciation for classical music will open the door to delving into cultural interests. Attend a cabaret performance for a fun evening of singing, dancing, and impressive entertainment. 

Musicals are also fun productions that give a couple something to talk about. TodayTix has all the best tickets at the best prices for performances in the biggest cities around the world. Anyone interested in seeing the cultural phenomenon that is Wicked Musical should turn to TodayTix for access to tickets. 

Get Culinary 

Sharing a meal is a way to bond over great conversation. Go on a food truck tour and sample different cuisines. Bring a date to a dinner party. Introducing a special someone to friends is a great way to break the ice and see how well someone does in a social setting. 

Friends know each other well and can easily spot if a newcomer is a right match for someone. Before heading out for an epic first date with someone met online, use GoLookUp to make sure the person has been verified background check. Background checks are routine for employment, but they are also available to the mainstream population for personal use. By running a name through GoLookUp’s extensive database, one can learn basic background information on someone through public records. 

Nothing says romance like going through the aisles of a gourmet grocery store to shop for the ingredients needed to cook a delicious meal together. Up the romance and plan an afternoon picnic in a park. Another option is to attend a wine or beer tasting that pairs with food.