5 Career Paths for People Who Love Challenging Work

You’ve worked a few office jobs. You’ve dabbled in this and that. You’ve pursued certification in a variety of subjects. Still, nothing has seemed to challenge you. You’re ready to step into a career that really pushes you to your professional limits. While there are challenging roles in many fields, there are several careers in New York and beyond renowned for their high echelon of challenges.

A United States Attorney

All it takes is to look at the schooling. Even if you go to the New York University School of Law, there is still plenty of competition and challenges in the industry. Some of the best law firms practice international law, medical malpractice law, and commercial litigation.

In New York City alone, a renowned New York lawyer comes equipped with years of experience and hard work under their belt. If you want to work in the United States District Court or contend with New York’s finest, you’re going to have to go well beyond basic training and provide verification that you’re up for a steep challenge.

A Career in Avionics

Do you have a background as a hardware engineer? Maybe a role in airborne electronic hardware or avionics hardware development would suit you. Keep in mind that making the switch to being an avionics engineer takes time, patience, and an RTCA DO-254 certification to ensure that you’re well-versed in the knowledge of software-hardware development processes. This is because the design assurance level mandated by the FAA is so high and quality assurance is a massive part of the industry. The world’s largest avionics companies will require a high degree of DO-254 training to ensure DO-254 compliance. It’s hard to understate how challenging the world of aviation hardware development can be.

Getting into Real Estate

To the untrained eye, there may seem like there’s a large gap in the level of challenge between taking on high profile cases and selling property. Keep in mind, however, that New York state realtors are competitive and only the most driven ones make it. Whether you’re selling New York office buildings or leasing workspace to advanced hardware developers, you have to rely on yourself and yourself alone. Especially if you hope to be the principal founder of your own business, you’re going to have to make a name for yourself and quickly.

The Bustling Financial Industry

The financial sector is constantly in your average world report as well as the U.S. news. In fact, a brief summary of the most popular publications could easily be money. Most people simply have money on the brain. Whether you’re reviewing an investment life cycle, examining capital markets, or working with process managers and project managers on lucrative stock trades, you’re in for a challenge. Since financial markets change so rapidly, it’s often difficult for many to keep up. Plus, simply understanding tax law can be a challenge in and of itself.

Personal Training Is Harder Than It Looks

Most people don’t know just how much time and effort personal trainers put into each and every day in order to remain successful. They’re networking, marketing, and selling not only a service but also their time. They’re dependent upon attendees showing up to their classes. They’re also constantly bettering their own bodies to set a proper example for all of their clientele. It’s a plus though, that trainers are typically the only legal owner of all intellectual property they produce. If you want to build a fitness empire, here’s where to start.

Challenging jobs can be mental and require numeric precision and understanding of the application of DO-254. They can be physical and require you to be in peak shape to inspire others. They can simply be competitive, like practicing law in the eastern district of New York. Challenge comes in many forms as long as you’re ready to seek it out.