3 Jobs That Are Mostly Done by Men

If you’re a lover of old-school soul music, you’re probably familiar with the classic James Brown song, “It’s a Man’s World.” While we’ve outgrown archaic notions of men’s and women’s roles in society, there are still certain industries and jobs that feel like a man’s world.

Indeed, men still outnumber women in most blue-collar industries and jobs, and there are some jobs that might seem like they’re only for men because they’re the gender most prevalent in that role. In this article, we’ll discuss three specific trades where men far outnumber women. Continue reading to learn about some blue-collar jobs that are predominantly held by men.

1. Roofing


One industry where it’s rare to see women working is the roofing industry. It’s not uncommon to see roofing crews scattered throughout neighborhoods in the summer, but what is uncommon is to see a woman on the roof working alongside men.

Roofing contractors often work in extreme conditions, and they have to lug around a lot of weight during the workday. Furthermore, they often work in extreme heat, as shingles attract sunlight, often making roofs 10 to 20 degrees hotter than on the ground. Between carrying 80-pound packs of shingles 20 feet up a ladder and working in extreme heat, roofers work up quite a sweat, and they also burn plenty of calories during the day. Indeed, you don’t see many overweight roofers.

Even though roofing is a tough job, roofing contractors also have to know how to provide excellent customer service to homeowners. So, there’s a balance between toughness and service they must have. If you Google “best Fort Myers roof installation,” you’ll likely find FHIA Remodeling near the top of search results. FHIA Remodeling is a roofing company with years of experience and a reputation for doing a great job on every project and providing superb customer service.

2. Bricklaying


Bricklaying is another profession where you’ll find some muscular men. Indeed, many bricklayers look like walking advertisements for nutritional supplements. They typically push, pull, and carry thousands of pounds of bricks during the workday, and like roofing contractors, they work in some pretty extreme conditions.

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3. Mechanic Work


Most mechanics are also men. Indeed, young boys tend to dream about fast cars and powerful motors the way young girls might imagine being princesses or school teachers. So, it should come as no surprise that that boyish fascination with speed, power, and hot cars should fuel their professional decisions.

Even though we’ve progressed beyond the times of “men’s work” and “women’s work,” as you can see, there are still professions in which men figure more prominently. All of the trades mentioned in this article are blue-collar (or hard-hat) jobs, and they all require considerable physical and mental strength and toughness. It’s rare to see a woman roofing contractor, as roofers carry hundreds of pounds of shingles up steep ladders and work in extreme heat. Bricklaying is another profession in which it’s rare to see women. Also, the vast majority of mechanics are men, as well.

Even though men are more common than women in the career fields we mentioned, they’re not “men’s jobs” by any stretch of the imagination. Women are becoming more present in hard-hat trades and performing at high levels. The keys to making it in the mechanic, bricklaying, and roofing industries are taking care of your body, getting as much rest as possible, and paying attention at all times. Even though the jobs mentioned in this article require considerable strength, your mind is your strongest muscle, so use it frequently and wisely when on the job.