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What to do if your child is not thriving in school

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Every parent wants to see their children do well, from their younger years in school to the professional careers they have in adulthood. However, some students get off to a shaky start early on in their schooling. They may have difficulty following along in class, struggle to make friends or perform poorly on tests. These problems do not necessarily mean they are lazy. In many cases, these children are perfectly normal and just need to find the best school that complements their academic or personal needs.

If students are not thriving in school, parents should first identify the problems at hand. For example, if a child is having trouble keeping up with their classmates, or finds it hard to focus, then parents may want to have them tested. After all, these children could have a learning disability, such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In the event that a learning challenge of this nature is discovered early on, these students may be able to move to schools for children with special needs, or receive help at their current school that helps them focus in class.

Sometimes, the problem is not with a particular student, but a school itself. Children may have trouble with bullies on a daily basis, or not feel like they are receiving the attention they require from their teachers. When combined, all these factors have the potential to leave a child feeling disenchanted with their studies. Parents can rectify this problem and help their children get excited about going to school again by placing them in a new learning environment that meets their needs. For instance, students who prefer smaller classes where they can receive individualized attention may benefit from attending classes at independent schools in New York City (NYC). Furthermore, students may transfer to a different NYC private schools and find that they love their new classmates and teachers.

When students lack enthusiasm for their studies, another possible cause may be that they already know what their teachers are covering in class. After having their children take an IQ test, parents may find that they are raising gifted students. If this is the case, they should consider how they can work with the school to meet their child’s needs, or look into schools for gifted children, as these settings are run by educators who understand the needs of these types of students.

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