Tips for Writing Your Masters

Masters work in the U.S. is a challenge for even the most academically gifted. The dissertation process takes all your energy over an extended time—anywhere from three to around eight months—and soaks up the vast majority of your free time as well as the allocated working hours. Crafting a Master’s dissertation that you can take pride in will require a huge effort and a long-term strategy for success. Likewise, collaboration with your tutor, counselor, and peer group to achieve the best essay possible is a great way forward. With these elements in place, many students can achieve great things with this uniquely personal research project.

Writing your Master’s college essay is a marathon, not a sprint, and depending on your comfortability with writing more generally, there are a few approaches that you can take to make the process seem less painful and draining.

Start with the research phase.


One of the most important things you can do as a Master’s student is to prioritize the research component of any written project you encounter. Many of the best college-level writers focus solely on the reading and research portion in the first quarter or half of the time allocated to any writing project. Some dedicate even more than this! Framing a fundamental question and then pursuing the information that can help answer that question is the foundation of any research project. The learning component is crucial for making the reporting phase (the writing) more focused.

One thing that helps many in academic circles is a free-flowing approach to the reading material. Rather than building a rigid plan, you should locate source materials and then give yourself the freedom to explore tangents, take detours, and even reverse course if necessary. It’s important to remember that the vast majority of research in this space is dedicated to exploring relationships of some kind or testing a hypothesis, and it’s conducted in a condensed format. This means that allowing the research to guide you to conclusions is the best way forward (in fact, many challenges to the common framework for studying and revision are essential steps ahead for Master’s students). Rather than trying to force your assumptions onto the project, let it naturally progress and take shape as you read and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the topic or question.

Masters in Sport Administration, for instance, might focus on the athletic training protocols of top tier athletes, the front office management of cash flow, advertising, or personnel, and much more. Your research in these areas touches on the very human aspects of the sports world, so allowing the process to shape your ideas and conclusions is essential for building a great research project and ultimately earning your degree.

Write with a purpose.


Once you begin the writing process, it’s important to maintain your purpose throughout the remaining weeks or months. A research project starts with a high-quality question, observation, or hypothesis. There is something you want to know, explore, or highlight with your work, and writing to this goal is the best way to infuse your passion for the subject into the final product. Many students find that writing a set number of words per day in the early phase can help them maintain pace toward the end date, while others simply allocate time to each section’s writing process. Whatever schedule you need to keep is the right one for you.

However, the bottom line is that it’s essential to leave time for college essay editing. This is one of the last pieces of the puzzle, yet the editing process is one of the most important aspects of a great essay. Many people rely on an editing service to help them with the honing process after the writing is completed. Editing lets you hammer out any last-minute clarity details and catch any grammatical errors or sentence structure issues, spelling mistakes, or formatting details you may have overlooked during the initial writing process.

With these tips in mind, writing the perfect dissertation is within your reach.