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How students can adjust to a new school

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As July slowly draws to a close, parents and children are realizing that vacation is almost over and it is time to start preparing for the new academic year. This process may prove challenging, whether students are beginning a new grade or a new school. For families who spent their summers relocating with children, stress can be even greater as students will be starting at an entirely new school in an unfamiliar location with new peers who already know each other.

The new school year can be stressful enough on its own, let alone in a different setting, such as New York City (NYC). If children show signs of being unsettled by the changes that await them, there are several steps that parents can take to ease their kids’ fears.

For instance, the National Mental Health Association advises parents to remain enthusiastic about the prospects of a new school year, which, in turn, may help youths become equally excited. But on the other hand, it is also important to listen to children’s concerns and tell them that feeling nervous is normal.

When possible, it is wise for parents to meet with the principal in advance to describe their child and to discuss placement with a teacher who will be a good match for the child. Better Homes and Gardens suggests that parents visit their children’s new school on the first day of classes and get to know the staff. This can help them understand what steps teachers and counselors take to ensure that new students adapt well to their surroundings, and to learn how to best communicate with the faculty in the event that they encounter bumps in the road.

Students who have trouble adjusting over an extended period of time may need professional help during the transition or, in some cases, can benefit from the extra attention that NYC private schools can provide.

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