Great Ways to Advertise for Educators

Educators are professionals who teach. They include teachers who instruct students in several subjects, such as preschool teachers and kindergarten teachers. Educators may also specialize in a specific subject area or teach particular skills to students, such as first aid instructors.

When you hire qualified educators, you ensure you offer an exceptional education for your students. Using the tips outlined here ensures you advertise openings effectively and receive applications from qualified applicants.

List openings on popular job posting sites.


There are multiple job listing sites online, including indeed, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, and Monster. Job listing sites enable employers to post openings and outline the job duties in detail. Listings also include the applicant requirements.

Whether you’re hiring high school teachers for a private school or looking for driving instructors, job listing sites enable you to customize your information and outline your needs. Applicants can be directed to email applications, mail applications, or complete an online application form on your website.

Post openings on retailers’ and industry professionals’ bulletin boards.

Many professional programs need educators with practical experience. If you’re hiring professionals to train barbers and hairstylists, you may post ads on bulletin boards at hair salons. You could also promote openings through wholesale and retail outlets selling hair care products. Similarly, if you need to hire driving instructors, you could post ads on the bulletin boards at taxi companies.

You may post information about openings at wholesale and retail outlets that sell skincare products if you’re looking for someone to teach esthiology classes. You could also place ads on bulletin boards at wax bars, spas, and wellness centers where people receive skincare and body treatments.

Invest in window signs.

Window graphics can transform a storefront window into a work of art. Colorful, eye-catching window signage will attract interest from people passing by. It can also demonstrate your business’s professionalism and support your brand image.

Whether your program teaches esthiology courses or provides tutoring for high school students, on-site advertising effectively promotes opportunities to people living in the area. You can use window signs to display information about your services, promote job opportunities, and provide contact information.

Pay for portable promotion.


As of 2019, the United States was home to over 275 million registered vehicles. Many people spend a lot of time in traffic, making it an ideal way to promote opportunities. Invest in window stickers and vinyl window decals that can be applied to your company vehicles.

Window clings can include job listings and contact information, making it easy for you to promote opportunities for educators wherever you go. Pay to advertise openings on public transit vehicles, including buses and subways. You can also place ads in bus, train, and subway stations.

Promote openings at postsecondary institutions.


Colleges, universities, and trade schools equip the next generation of educators with the skills needed to teach. Some colleges and universities host career fairs, allowing employers to promote openings to new graduates. With colorful signs and professional materials, including brochures outlining opportunities and employee benefits, it’s possible to attract applications from new graduates ready to enter the career field.

Advertise Locally

Advertising in local newspapers was once the standard method for promoting job opportunities. As communication platforms have changed, local advertising has shifted to online venues, but community newspapers still offer advertising opportunities.

Other types of local ads include billboard ads and local radio station ads. Local advertising is an excellent way to target qualified applicants who live in your area. Applicants from outside your area may look for a new job closer to home if they don’t like commuting. Targeted local advertisements ensure you don’t overlook potential educators familiar with your community.

Advertise through trade publications.


Industry publications are publications that target professionals from a specific industry. There are trade publications for all types of professionals, including carpenters, beauty industry professionals, and bartenders. If you’re hiring educators to teach trades, such as welding or plumbing, you can place ads in their trade publications.

There are also industry publications for teachers, including mathematics teachers and ESL instructors. Promoting your openings through trade publications targeting those professionals is an excellent way to attract applicants with prior teaching experience.

There are multiple ways to promote job openings for educators. Employing a range of advertisement strategies will ensure you attract applications from qualified educators suited to your needs.