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The System Fails NYC Special Needs Students

Have we gone from, “No Child Left Behind” to leaving our Special Needs students behind? Reading the article posted in the New York Times, “Thousands of New York City Students Deprived of Special Education” by Kate Taylor, brings up the worst nightmare for any special need parent. … Continue reading

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Featured Article in Mobility Magazine

Please click here to read this insightful article authored by our own Sara Pelgrift on Educational Challenges and Relocation in Mobility Magazine!

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Are There Schools for My Children? The Value of Research for Talent Mobility

In a business environment where there is a universal focus on cost, talent mobility is critical.  Attracting prime candidates and keeping them, require strategic policies.  Expatriate failure, the premature return of the expatriate manager to his/her home country, is expensive – by some estimates, as much as … Continue reading

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Mastering the Alignment of Mobility Service

School Choice International’s Global Field Supervisor, Patricia Muesse discusses the role that School Services may have in helping families relocate internationally and domestically. DESCRIPTION OF ROLE & SERVICES Providing an education for children accompanying parents abroad equivalent to home-country expectations is important to discuss when the company … Continue reading

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Ways for parents to support gifted children’s interests

While there is no universal definition of what defines a gifted child, there are certain signs that parents can look for. The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) states that there are kids who either demonstrate high performance or have the potential to do so. Both parents … Continue reading

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Schools for Children with Special Needs. Is This the Right Option for Your Child?

How to make sure your child is is the right educational environment. While parents may have heard of schools for children with special needs, they might not know if these settings will be better for their kids. Before parents begin the decision-making process, it helps to know … Continue reading

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