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Early Guidance (5th to 7th Grade)

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Making a successful transition from a Chinese to a US education system is a process that begins years in advance. In the increasingly competitive environment of secondary school admissions, it is critical to have an early game plan designed to build a strong application. Without insider knowledge, the process can be daunting and stressful, and the following questions frequently arise:

  • When should I go abroad?
  • What kind of education do I need in China to best prepare for study in the US? How much English do I need to be successful? What courses should I take? How important are grades?
  • What standardized tests should I take, when, and what scores do I need?
  • How do I find and foster passions and interests through extracurricular activities and community service?
  • How can I take advantage of summer opportunities?
  • How do I plan for school visits?
  • How can I make myself stand out from the crowd?
  • What are US secondary schools looking for?

Designed for students who want to ensure their academic and extracurricular programs lead to a successful secondary school application process before the beginning of the eighth grade application year, this program will help students develop a strategic plan so that when it comes time to apply to schools, they will have an advantage over the competition.

With his or her family, the student meets with a consultant to create an action plan to identify, refine, and achieve academic, extracurricular, and personal goals. This program will be customized to the student’s individual needs and will complement the curriculum offered at his or her school. Determined on a case-by-case basis, this may include ESL and writing skills preparation, cross-cultural preparation, recommendations for improved study methods, assistance with organizing summer activities, and other recommendations to help a student maximize his or her chances of making a successful transition to the US.

Early Guidance Services include:

  • Intake: Detailed review and assessment of educational history including language skills, academic strengths and weaknesses
  • Strategy: Assessment and clarification of educational goals. Identify the student’s passions and interests, and create a plan to develop them
  • Introduction to American education system, curriculum, and schools
  • Admissions Process: Review of application timeline and procedures
  • Academic Guidance: Pinpoint academic areas where the student could benefit from additional attention and institute new study methods to improve the way the student relates to school, teachers and studying
  • Extracurricular Activities: Recommendations on extracurricular, sports, and summer activities
  • Personal Development: Discuss circumstances and/or personal issues, which have affected academic and personal history, and solve those problems
  • Examination Preparation: Guidance on standardized testing preparation and scheduling tests
  • Cross-cultural Preparation: Guidance for parents and students on what to expect at an American school; academic choices, discipline, grading, social environment, parental participation, and many other important topics.
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