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Are You Moving?

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Across town or across the world, schooling is a top priority

Wherever you are moving, School Choice can help.  We have expert consultants in many major cities around the world, and an world-class team of researchers and client support personnel at our headquarters outside of NY.  Our bench strength means that you have not just the benefit of your designated consultant, but a whole range of resources who can be brought to bear to answer your questions and solve your problems in ways that individual proprieters and real estate agents simply can’t.

Relocating with children can present a unique set of challenges. While adults may require a period of time to adjust to a new environment, moving a child has the potential to impact the different aspects of his or her life, both socially and academically. As a result, parents may want to carefully consider potential effects that relocating can have on their kids, and the ways in which they can prepare to ensure the best experience possible.  The impact a move has on a child depends on different factors, such as the age of the youth in question. The younger the individual, the easier a move may be, but the older the child the more she will remember the experience and learn from it.

Once children have begun to attend school, removing them from a particular institution and enrolling them in another will mean separating them from their friends. This may make students feel sad, confused or even angry at their parents for making the change. Parents should sit down with their children before the move and discuss the reasons behind it and prepare them for what they can expect.  Starting at an entirely different institution also has the potential to affect children’s academic performance. If children worry about being behind in class, parents can explain that they have done nothing wrong.  Children may have learned different subjects or studied them in a different sequence and parents can reassure them that they will do all they can to help their kids catch up to their peers. Students may struggle as they attempt to make new friends in a new environment or different  culture.

To avoid these and other possible issues, parents will want to carefully select the school that best fits their child’s needs and personality.  An educational consultant who knows the education systems of both countries can offer a great deal of assistance.

We at School Choice International have worked with thousands of families relocating across town and across the globe.

Get Started Today!  For help with any aspect of your school search, please contact us at, or call us at 1-914-328-3000  (within the USA, call us toll-free at  1-866-881-5959).

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