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Ways to help children make friends in new settings

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After relocating with children to a new area, some parents may find that their kids are having trouble adjusting to their surroundings. As they are new to their school, these youths might have difficulty making friends. With classes resuming for another year at schools across the country, parents should know that there are a number of ways they can help their children build relationships in their new surroundings.

For example, when students begin classes at new school, they should bring an open mind and positive attitude, in addition to the supplies they are carrying in their backpack. If children do not have assigned seats in their classes, parents should advise them to sit near other students. While it may be easier to sit in the back of the room or away from other students if they do not know anybody, this will not force them to make friends. Once pupils are seated close to their classmates, they should not be afraid to introduce themselves. Even if they do not have anything in common at first, they will find themselves working with the children seated nearby and these interactions will serve as the basis for future relationships.

Outside of the classroom, another way for students to build connections in school is to participate in after-school sports and other extracurricular activities. Students living in New York City (NYC) and the surrounding areas, will find abundant extracurriculars to take part in at NYC private schools, in public schools as well as at recreational sites in the neighborhood.

Whether a new student is playing on a soccer team or taking after-school art workshops with other creative students, these types of activities can provide the foundation for long-lasting friendships. When children meet like-minded classmates, parents can foster the friendship by arranging social activities for their kids and their peers outside of school.

To ensure that their children have the best possible transition to a new setting, parents will want to find the best school for their kids before they relocate. They may be able to accomplish this by speaking to an educational consulting firm.

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