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FAQs: School Waiting Lists

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How should we react if we are told by a school that we are on the waitlist?

It can be an emotional experience to hear that your child has been waitlisted for the school that she hoped to attend.  What are the realities of such a situation?  It’s important for a family to avoid getting fixated on one particular school.  Although identifying a “perfect” match is part of the process, that “match” can only be based on your child, not a friend or a colleague’s child, as the fit between a child and a  school is intensely personal.  Being realistic about the chances of admission and creating a list of secondary options is crucial.

School Choice International can help you and your child develop a realistic understanding of your school admissions choices.  By extending the focus from the schools that you already have heard about, your consultant will help you develop a list of possibilities based on the unique needs, interests, and prior performance of your own child as well as the special characteristics of your family.

Beginning with your child rather than the name of a school will yield a school list that is right for your family.  It may have some overlap but it will not be identical to the list your friends provided for you.  Once your School Choice consultant contacts the schools on this list, the obvious match between your child and the choices proposed will protect your child from ending up without a place in school, and the available choices will be pleasing, if surprising at times.


Is Jumping the List An Option?

Depending on the school and the circumstances, altering your child’s position on a waiting list may or may not be an option.  Sibling priority, for example, can work in favor of your child being accepted for enrollment.

In some schools, where companies have purchased seats (or debentures) for their employees, corporate contacts can make a difference.  Having a School Choice consultant on your side who knows every possible resource and has an excellent reputation with school personnel, can offer you the best possible chances of making it to the top of a waiting list-and the best possible chance of your child attending the school that is the right fit.

Can School Choice Help?

We’ve spent many years creating positive working relationships with schools around the world, and this can be very advantageous to you as our client.  Our recommendations carry weight with school administrators because of our excellent track record for sending schools children who fit well both academically and socially.

Schools know from experience that we work with a consistent level of care and attention to detail, and that we will handle any issues that may arise during the school search process including organizing paperwork and long-distance communication.  See our testimonials to hear from schools about why schools like working with School Choice.

At School Choice International, we help you negotiate all the intricacies and strategies required by the complex school placement process, including waitlists, by addressing the reality of your child’s needs and how they fit with a selection of schools.  Your consultant will never just hand you a list of schools in China, the names of American International Schools in India or a list of secondary schools in London.  Instead of being left with dashed hopes, School Choice ensures the most successful school placement possible by developing a program that includes both a selection of schools and a plan to achieve acceptance at those schools that is both high-achieving and realistic.

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