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Finally you are in your new destination, the furniture has arrived, the children have started school, your partner is working round the clock, and you find yourself bursting into tears in the grocery store because they don’t sell the ingredient you need and when your son comes back from school he says he hates everyone and wants to go home.

After the quick pace and hard work of an international relocation, the culture shock of adjusting to a new country with its different customs and culture can come as a surprise. Making the transition to a new country is a process likely to include a honeymoon period, when everything is wonderful, a period of ups and downs when minor differences loom large and your mood swings from elation to despair, and finally, after six months to a year, a period of adjustment and acceptance when you have learned how to navigate the unfamiliar and you know what to expect.

As parents you not only have to deal with your own adjustment to the new culture you also have to manage your children’s adjustment.

Being Prepared
Having guidance from the outset from a School Choice educational consultant will give you a head start on what to expect.

Our consultants are on the ground and know the schools intimately; they will be able to tell you how the schools integrate new students and how receptive they are to other international cultures and experiences.  And they will help you advocate for your child so that the school understands your situation and is able to meet your needs.

The School Choice Global Education Explorer gives in depth information about everything you need to know about a country’s education and everything it seems everyone knows but you from questions about how to internationalize curriculum, to funding, to teachers’ gifts, to school uniforms.

Being prepared and aware of the cultural differences in advance is well known to be a big factor in how well families adjust.

And just when you’ve settled down you have to go back home again.  Repatriation is often unexpectedly harder than relocation; you think you can just slot back into your old life and you find that you and your family have changed and what used to work doesn’t anymore.  School Choice’s book “RepatriationA How-to Guide for Returning Wisely” is an excellent place to start and our consultants are always available to ease your children’s repatriation back home.

Change is an Educational Opportunity
Each transition is an opportunity to fine tune what has worked and to change what hasn’t worked so well and this is particularly true for your children’s education.  With School Choice by your side you can truly make relocation an educational opportunity and ensure that your transition is a chance for your child to grow and thrive at their new school.

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