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Relocation Issues

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How do you convince your spouse to relocate when it is clear that she will bear the burden of dealing with your children’s transition to a new school and social life?

Will the expatriate experience be devastating to your teenage son, who is so negative about leaving that he refuses to participate in conversations about an overseas move, and threatens to drop out when you arrive in your new home?

How much impact will the transition have on the reading skills of your shy 8-year-old, who has been struggling in her current school; will she manage in the enquiry-based international baccalaureate curriculum?

Overseas relocation and School Choice
What makes School Choice International unique derives from the founder, Liz Perelstein’s simple but powerful vision,

“At a time when traditionally you may feel you have little or no choice, I believe that you have in fact an unrepeatable and exciting opportunity to envision and create nothing less than a whole new life for you and your family.”

That choice for change begins with the choice of school. Why? Because research has shown that in integrating into a new country, a new community, a new network of friends, the school is a pivotal element in a successful integration. How your family will fit in and prosper is the number one indicator of how a person adapts to an international move.

For over 10 years, School Choice International has been assisting families navigate the right educational course through the turbulence of domestic and overseas relocation. We provide the most comprehensive spectrum of services related to education around the world, ensuring that families ask the right questions and receive accurate, timely information about their children’s education prior to relocating overseas, enabling them to make the most informed decision about their children’s schooling.

Bringing peace of mind
Our wide-ranging knowledge of education in various cultures, our understanding of curriculum-mapping, and, most of all, our satisfied school placement clients, have made us the trusted education resource, delivering peace of mind to hundreds of companies and thousands of families worldwide.

Our focus is always on the best educational experience for your child.

Assessing Where You’re Coming From
Our first step as education specialists is to seek out a clear and detailed picture of your child and his or her present learning experience. What do you appreciate about his current education? What are you happy with and what would you like to change? What classes and activities are you hoping to find in a new school? What is your child’s learning style? Using our questionnaire and an in depth interview your consultant will help clarify your family’s values, the logistics governing your choices, as well as the educational factors that determine how to ensure that your child will flourish in school during your overseas move.

Assessing Where You’re Going
We have 125 consultants on the ground in over 43 locations around the world, including 9 special education professionals – so wherever you’re going, School Choice has an expert there, with first-hand knowledge of the culture, the educational system, school options, and local contacts in your new home. Our consultants stay current with the local schools by visiting campuses, meeting personnel, sitting in on classes, and remaining involved with the local educational community. That means we can find you a national school, an international baccalaureate curriculum school, a local private school or a state school placement, depending on the requirements of your child and family.

Assessing What You Need in an Education Consultant
Will you have time to investigate schools on your own, or would you like a consultant to guide you through the whole process?

School Choice offers a full range of services from low to high touch: the Global Education Explorer to answer all the important questions on education, a four-hour consultation to equip more independent families with the tools to conduct your own overseas search, and a premier placement program in which we take care of your needs every step of the way. We also offer a Boarding School Search, College Search, and consulting services for those who require Special Needs education. Our services can be tailored to your wishes well as the specifications of your employer’s relocation package.

Being impartial
We know that a successful school placement includes examining a wide range of criteria and selecting schools based on the “goodness of fit” between child, school and family. We also know that as an education consulting firm we need to remain totally impartial: we do not accept incentives from schools, and therefore maintain the highest level of objectivity. We have, as a result of our proven track record, and our role as recognized thought leaders in global education, formed respected relationships with a wide selection of schools around the globe.

We want you and your family to have a “World of Choice” when it comes to your educational options.

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