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Post-Application Guidance for International Students (8th to 10th Grade)

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Fulfilling Academic Potential When Transitioning to a US High School.

Acceptance to an American school is not the end of the academic race. In fact, in some ways it is just the beginning. However, relocating to the US, away from family and friends, and starting at a new school can be a difficult transition. In addition, the student is expected to quickly acclimate to a new educational system and adopt key strategies for success at an American high school. Unfortunately, many students do not fulfill their academic potential at their new school because they do not have appropriate guidance, support, and advising about how to manage their transition to the US. Common questions include:

  • What should I expect in terms of the academic environment? The social environment? How do I successfully navigate these?
  • What courses do I take?
  • What are the academic expectations?
  • What activities should I get involved in? How do I take on more leadership roles?
  • How do I begin to prepare for college admissions?
  • How do I find extracurricular and internship opportunities that help me find and develop my career interests?

With this package, we will provide support, advice, mentoring for the student to help maximize his/her chance of success in a new environment and to help them achieve their best education possible upon arrival in the US.

Post-Application Guidance Services include:

  • Intake: Detailed review of educational history.
  • Strategy: Assessment and clarification of educational and career goals. Development of a four-year strategic plan to maximize success.
  • Cross-Cultural Preparation: Detailed descriptions of what to expect upon arrival.
  • Academic Mentorship
  • Career Guidance: Assistance in determining an area of interest and future career goals.

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