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Schools for Children with Special Needs. Is This the Right Option for Your Child?

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How to make sure your child is is the right educational environment.

While parents may have heard of schools for children with special needs, they might not know if these settings will be better for their kids. Before parents begin the decision-making process, it helps to know what defines a special needs child.

According to the American Academy of Child Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP), special needs children have one or more physical, psychiatric, emotional, behavioral or learning disorders. Any one of these problems can have a negative impact on a child’s progress both in and out of the classroom if it goes ignored in the school setting.

For example, these issues can prevent students from paying attention in school, cause them to fall behind in their studies or keep them from making friends with their classmates.

Parents should consult with the child’s teachers and request testing and evaluation to determine their child’s particular learning difference and how they can address it.

Special needs students can be very successful. However, they need to be in the right setting to be able to grow and thrive. Families often find that they want to work with a specialist educational consultant who can advise families as to the best school for their child with special needs. Families should be sure to find a consultancy which can provide them with both a nuanced understanding of schools, as well as specialist knowledge about their child’s particular learning challenge and how schools can meet those needs.

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