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Find the Best School

“My advice is to make the high school or secondary school experience an end in itself – not a means to an end. What universities are really looking for are children who have learned, who have made the most of their opportunities, who have experienced something and really engaged with that experience.”

Liz Perelstein

Find the Best School

When a child is about to begin his or her schooling, parents have a lot to keep in mind as they begin their search to find the best school. At school, students form many of the friendships that influence them fundamentally, so a compatible peer group is important. At the right educational institution, children meet faculty who have the potential to become mentors and role models. The classes and extracurricular activities kids take introduce them to subjects and activities that may become lifelong passions, setting them on the right path to college admissions and a successful life.

As a result of these and several other factors, the right school placement is essential. As parents begin their school search, it is crucial to remain focused on the needs of the child. It is easy to let friends and colleagues, school rankings or social status, influence one’s decision, but the needs of the child are paramount.

Although you may have a good understanding of your child and their needs, it helps to sit down with him or her and ask questions that can help guide your school search. Depending on a child’s personality traits, certain types of schools will better suit his or her needs in the short-term as well as the long-term.

For example, a student who is shy or more of an introvert may get lost in a public school setting where larger class sizes tend to be the norm. If the same child is placed in a private school, parents may notice a remarkable change in their son or daughter as he or she receives attention and encouragement from teachers and peers. A child who starts in a nurturing educational environment may later thrive in a larger setting once he or she has developed skills and confidence.

Although separation from the family is not right for every child, boarding schools may benefit many children in the long run. Some children who may not thrive in a day school may find that the programs offered by boarding schools throughout the day, evenings and weekends, supplemented by extra support if needed, make a tremendous difference for a child – both academically and socially.

In the case of children who demonstrate above-average intelligence or special talents, who are not getting the most out of their current education, parents may find private schools or schools for gifted children to be a better learning environment.

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