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Avoiding stress that comes from the school admission process

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After the past few years of economic instability, parents want to provide their children with the best educational opportunities they can to help set them up for success in the future. While some kids fully embrace the academic challenges they are presented with, others may become overburdened by their parents’ expectations. This often occurs during the private school admissions process.

While parents may feel that their children will most benefit from the education they receive from private schools in New York City (NYC), this can provide unnecessary stress for the entire family. As NYC prep schools typically have high expectations for their students, parents may feel as though they have to build up their kids’ academic and personal credentials starting at a young age.

However, in some instances, this can do more harm than good. For instance, parents who are only focused on long-term goals may end up ignoring children’s immediate needs. Having kids devote more than the usual amount of time to their studies, in addition to participation in a range of intensive after-school activities, has the potential to overload them. Eventually, these children may suffer from burnout.

If parents wish to avoid having unhappy children, they should put aside their own high expectations and talk to their kids. Maybe they have no interest in playing the piano, or they do not enjoy sports. Parents may even find that their children have other passions they were unaware of.

Furthermore, an individual’s younger years are a time to explore, make mistakes and ultimately learn lessons. It is important for children to know that if they receive a poor score on a standardized test, or even receive a rejection letter from a private school, that it is not a reflection on who they are as a person. Rather than show their disappointment, parents should work with their children to help them improve in areas where they could use some help.

Ultimately, it is important for parents to understand that their children are individuals with their own interests. The sooner parents realize this, the better equipped they will be to help their child find the right school which is the best fit for them.

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